Weinheimer, Haber & Coco, P.C.

Weinheimer, Haber & Coco, P.C. needed a website to establish an online presence.

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Project Overview

Though a very respected law firm in the Pittsburgh area, Weinheimer, Haber & Coco, P.C. had no credible online presence. In fact, interviewees said that they wanted to look up information about the firm and could not believe that there was no website.

Weinheimer, Haber & Coco, P.C. contacted IFTS to create a simple, traditional website for them. We created a spinoff of the basic 5-page site for them. Each attorney has his or her own biographical page along with contact information. This also allows them to showcase the works that he or she may have published. The firm also wanted a space that people could check to see locations where the firm was giving seminars. IFTS created a frequently updated calendar page that shows upcoming events as well as the events attended in the past.

After the site was up for awhile, the firm decided that they would like a blog as well. They wanted the attorneys to be able to post articles that they had written as well as to inform their readers about upcoming seminars. Therefore, IFTS created a Wordpress blog for them. The blog is formatted similarly to their website, with the same fonts and color schemes.

Check out the website of Weinheimer, Haber & Coco, P.C. to see what IFTS could potentially offer you!

Weinheimer, Haber & Coco, P.C.

Work Required: Website, Blog

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Weinheimer, Haber & Coco, P.C.  Screenshots

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