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Does your company have a technical need that off the shelf software is just unable to fill? Do you have a need for data gathering and organization that you don't know how to implement? Do you want a mobile app or interactive web site for your customers to use? Integrity First Technology Solutions, Inc., based in Pittsburgh, PA, can help!

We offer affordable, customized programming solutions for your company. By repurposing existing coding libraries, we are able to keep the cost of customized programming down, but the quality up! Whether it's a mobile app or a customized suite designed to interact with Office products or Adobe, we will work with you to create a software solution that fits your budget and business objectives. With the correct software tools in place, you will find that your company becomes more efficient and profitable.

Check out the examples of the software that we have already created below. IFTS offers a free one-hour consultation to discuss your business goals and company needs, so contact us today!

Recent Custom Applications

Employee Commission Program

Using a customer tracking system that the sales people use, this program is able to pull all of the data together to compute the commissions for the sales team and exports that information to an Excel spreadsheet.

Customizable List Creation Software

The customer had a need to gather lead data from multiple websites. They input the website address into this program and it creates lists of leads with names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. that are exported into an Excel spreadsheet for the sales team.

Invoice Creation Program

Using an existing customer tracking system, this program uses the available data to create invoices in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF form.

Customer Relationship Manager Program

This program is in the process of being created. It will allow the company to track every aspect of their interactions with their customers as well as create marketing materials. This program will also have a self-sustaining backup function. This program also allows the creation of multiple reports.

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